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Dropside vans from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Dropside vans from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Three powerful models. One to suit your job as well.

Find your dropside van from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Whether you’re interested in a Transporter, new Crafter or the new Amarok pickup, you can find out all about our dropside van models and equipment here. Your Volkswagen commercial vehicle can also be adapted to your own personal needs. Discover factory-fitted industry-specific solutions or get advice on the right bodies and conversions for you from your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles partner.

Der Transporter Pritschenwagen im Einsatz auf einer Baustelle

The Transporter Dropside Van.

Optimally prepared for every challenge.

The Transporter Dropside Van takes performance to new dimensions: more heavy machinery, more equipment, more cargo, more passengers. It is available in single and double cab versions in two wheelbases and with up to six seats. It can also be purchased with four different load platforms: from a single cab with a short wheelbase and 4.9 m² load platform or with a long wheelbase and 5.7 m² load platform to a double cab with a long wheelbase and 4.2 m² load platform or a low-loader with a long wheelbase and 5.2 m² load platform. All versions come with plenty of space for bulky material.

The modular concept means that the load platform, equipment and passenger capacity can be selected to perfectly suit your requirements. The running gear is available with optional rough road suspension, and damping for use on unsealed surfaces.

The Crafter Dropside Van.

The new Crafter Dropside Van.

The new dimension.

The new Crafter Dropside Van is available in three vehicle lengths and in single and double cab versions.  It can therefore be perfectly configured for a variety of different profiles. Select your optimal load platform from five versions, such as the Crafter Dropside Van as a double cab with 5.5 m² or 7.1 m² or as a single cab with 7.1 m², 8.8 m² or 9.6 m². Optional storage boxes under the load platform offer even more space for tools and equipment. Up to eight lashing eyes which can be folded flush with the load platform help to ensure the best load securing in its class.

The new Crafter has been developed with all those who will later drive it. This has resulted in a vehicle that is perfectly tailored to the requirements and demands of its various target groups. And the new dimension is also noticeable in the driver’s cab: the double-cab version of the Crafter Dropside Van features a 4-seater bench seat in the second row, for instance. Additional storage space for tools is included underneath.

Der neue Amarok Pickup im landwirtschaftlichen Einsatz auf einem Kornfeld

The new Amarok.

The Pickup with V6 and 4MOTION.

The new Amarok has the widest load platform in its class. No other pickup provides so much space between the wheel housings. The loading width of 1,222 mm even enables Euro pallets to be loaded crosswise. The spacious 2.5 m² cargo box also impresses otherwise, such as through its low loading sill height of 780 mm. A warp-resistant ladder frame, which guarantees good body stability, and special leaf springs allow for a maximum payload of almost 1.0 t and a trailer capacity of up to 3.5 t. Additionally, the smooth-functioning tailgate can be used to extend the load platform and also holds up to 200 kg in weight.

The new Amarok offers premium driving comfort, even under the toughest of conditions. This is thanks to the perfect harmony created between the chassis and engine – combined with the tried-and-testing 4MOTION all-wheel drive which knows how to pack a punch when it needs to. The 165 kW six-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 3.0 litre capacity has more than enough power reserves even in the most demanding situations.

You can access these benefits through the dropside vans from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Der TDI Motor von Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
Powerful and economical: the TDI engines in the dropside vans from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The advanced TDI engines.

Extreme reliability and durability.

The new 2.0 l TDI engines in the Crafter Dropside Van have proven their worth over extremely high mileages. Robust and especially temperature-resistant components and an engine and gearbox combination designed for particularly low fuel consumption ensure maximum intervals between services and give you the best bang for your buck. Even with very demanding driving profiles such as delivery use, high mileage, efficiency and operational reliability are achieved. Factory-fitted modular auxiliary drives are already available.

The Transporter Dropside Vans are also powered by the economical 2.0 litre TDI engines and come equipped with fuel-saving BlueMotion Technology, including a start/stop system, as standard. Every engine option features incredibly low fuel consumption without compromising on driving pleasure. The 2.0 litre, 150 kW TDI engine is both particularly powerful and very fuel-efficient, for instance.

The new Amarok is powerful like no other with its high-performance V6 3.0 l TDI engine and 8-speed automatic gearbox. While first gear has been specially optimised for pulling off when towing a trailer, eighth gear reduces fuel consumption through low-speed driving on long journeys. The new Amarok is the only pickup in its class to offer you the option to combine the gearbox with the permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The automatic gear-change system boosts driving comfort considerably, particularly on challenging terrain or in mountainous regions. Every new Amarok is equipped with fuel-saving and emissions-reducing BlueMotion Technology, including a start/stop system, as standard.


Icon für das elektronische Stabilisierungsprogramm in Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeugen
The Electronic Stabilisation Programme cannot overcome the laws of physics.

Safety systems included as standard.

Smart and wide-ranging.

Prepared to handle almost any situation: The following safety systems are included as standard in both the new Crafter Dropside Van and Transporter Dropside Van:

  • The Automatic Post-Collision Braking System triggers braking after a collision, with the aim of preventing secondary collisions. The system activates when its two independent sensors detect an accident. After a short delay, the vehicle begins a phased braking action down to 10 km/h, during which the driver can take over at any time.
  • The Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) prevents under- or over-steering via targeted braking of the individual wheels.
  • The anti-lock braking system (ABS) prevents wheel block and, thus, maintains manoeuvrability.
  • The traction control system (TCS) prevents wheelspin.
  • The electronic differential lock (EDL) distributes the engine torque to the tyres without causing them to slip.
  • The seat belt warning reminds the driver to fasten his belt with a visual warning when the engine is started, and with an acoustic warning after setting off.
  • Driver’s airbag (and front-passenger airbag)

The new Amarok offers you safety on almost any surface: the new Amarok is the only pickup in its class to come with an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, 17-inch disc brakes at the front and 16-inch disc brakes in the rear as standard. What’s more, the trailer stabilisation system provides the best possible protection against snaking trailers. The outstanding off-road ABS function helps to reduce braking distances on loose terrain. The new power steering also improves steering response and creates an extra-dynamic driving experience. Driver and front-passenger airbags as standard offer the best possible protection in the event of an impact.

Der Crafter Pritschenwagen Doppelkabine mit Regal-Schrankeinbauten, eingebaut durch die Business Unit Spezialfahrzeuge von Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
The Transporter is the ideal basic vehicle for individual tipper bodies.

Industry-specific bodies and conversions.

Individual and flexible.

Your Volkswagen dropside van can be adapted to your own personal needs. Various special equipment can be ordered from your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealership or selected in the online configurator. A small selection of the solutions are presented here:

Spriegel-Aufbau mit Plane beim Amarok Pickup
The practical hoop structure with tarpaulin is also available for the new Amarok pickup.
Tarpaulins and hoops for dropside vans and pickups.

The robust hoop structure with a high-quality tarpaulin provides your load with reliable protection. It is 160 cm high for the Transporter Dropside Van. The tarpaulin and dropside paintwork are available in the colours Brown, Yellow, Grey, Opal Green, Pure White, Red, Deep Orange, Black and Ultramarine Blue. We recommend having the tarpaulin fitted ex-works – alternatively, the parts can be supplied together with the vehicle.

Tarpaulins and hoops are also available with a rolling function. To enable loading from both sides of the vehicle, the tarpaulin can easily be drawn upwards by means of a strap and then lowered again – just like with a blind. The tarpaulin with rolling function is also available in the colours mentioned.

The hoop structure with attachable boards and the high-grade tarpaulin also come in various heights and colours for the Crafter Dropside Van. A light strip integrated into the tarpaulin helps you orientate yourself conveniently on the load platform.

With the new Amarok, galvanised rectangular steel pipes are fastened to the dropsides and rear wall of the cab. The high-grade tarpaulin can be opened on three sides.

DDer Transporter Pritschenwagen Einzelkabine mit Leitertransportgestell
The ladder transport frame is available for both the Crafter and Transporter Dropside Vans.
Practical ladder transport frame for the Transporter Dropside Van.

The hot-dip galvanised frame ensures that ladders and other long objects can be transported safely. A robust protective grille on the front wall also provides optimum protection at the driver's cab. The ladder transport frame can also be optionally ordered for installation at the tail end of the platform for the Transporter Dropside Van.

Discover the dropside vans from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.