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Service & Accessories.

For Reliability and Safety - a whole Commercial Vehicle Lifetime.

For vehicle generations, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has stood for the highest quality and performance. From agile urban delivery vans to multifunctional transporters, our model portfolio offers everything that demanding drivers could wish for. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also meets these demanding standards with its Genuine Parts®, Service and Accessories. We continue to stock our spare and replacement parts for 15 years after discontinuation of your model. Modern services and state-of-the-art workshop technologies guarantee that your vehicle will continue to run reliably and efficiently for a long time to come.


Genuine Service.

Care – Service – Repair: Volkswagen Genuine Services let you maintain the condition and value of your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. Our Express Service for example offers you numerous checks and small repairs completed in less than 60 minutes. Without advance booking. Because we are so convinced of our quality, we also grant you extensive warranties.




Genuine Parts.

So that your Volkswagen commercial vehicle remains genuine. The high quality Volkswagen Genuine parts perfectly match your model and fulfil the highest standards of quality and functionality. This means that your vehicle is back to 100% after repairs or maintenance. Find out everything about our parts range and the practical retrofitting solutions.


Genuine Accessories & Lifestyle.

Volkswagen Genuine accessories allow you to enhance your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle with perfectly fitting, high-quality and innovative details. Whether transport solutions, retrofitted assistance systems or multimedia expansions: all of the accessory products are manufactured to Volkswagen’s strict standards. Why would you be satisfied with less?


Engine Oil & Operating Fluids.

As the driver of a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, you expect the highest quality and performance. Do not make any compromises with the engine oil or the brake and cooling fluids.



From fuel saving tips to load securing: here you’ll find a range of valuable tips and practical tutorials to help you get the most out of your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.


Roadside Assistance.

Naturally, we are also there for you in an emergency. Contact our free-call emergency hotline and receive rapid assistance from our Service Mobile.