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Genuine Service.

How Can We Help You?

Our Genuine Service range is specially tailored to you and your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle: with expertise, highly motivated staff and our own specialist tools. And because we are so convinced of our quality, we also grant you extensive warranties.

Our Services.

Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle in the best hands.

Repairs & Service.

Competent and price-conscious: We handle all of the care, maintenance and repairs for your commercial vehicle. From the inspection to the competent repair of scratches, bumps and accident damage.


Wheels & Tyres.

Comfortable, time and space saving: we change your tyres for you quickly and easily to ensure your safety on the road every season. We also provide professional storage upon request.



Sometimes life is unpredictable. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles ensures that you remain mobile: with our Replacement Vehicle Service and the convenient Pick-up and Delivery Service.


Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.

Genuine Service only uses Volkswagen Genuine Parts. This ensures that your commercial vehicle remains 100% original.

Our Warranties & Service Quality.

Because quality never gets old.


We offer you a comprehensive manufacturer warranty and optional warranty extensions. You can also find out more about the rust perforation guarantee such as when it applies.


Service Quality.

Permanent mobility is essential for our customers. In order to guarantee this, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles sets high standards for both its products and its Service Partners. Find out more about our service training, expert training and regular workshop tests.

Our Services for You.