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Stay mobile, whatever happens.

Life can be unpredictable sometimes. But if your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle has to come into the workshop, we can offer you our convenient Pick-up and Delivery Service and practical Replacement Vehicle Service to keep you mobile.

Take advantage of our practical Replacement Vehicle Service.

Just drive in. And drive away in our replacement. A cost-effective way to stay mobile.
  • Quick.
    Stress-free and with no scheduling issues

  • Simple.
    No annoying formalities

  • No compromises.
    A modern, well cared-for replacement Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle


A replacement vehicle from your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner enables you to stay mobile, even when your vehicle has to go into the workshop. Without spending a fortune. Bring your vehicle to us, completely stress-free and with no scheduling issues, and we’ll give you a modern, well cared-for replacement you’ll feel at home with.

Even if you have a specialised vehicle, our Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partners will always try to provide you with an equivalent depending on availability. Contact us.


Repair and Service.

We can carry out all of the care, maintenance and repair work your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle could need.

Rely on our convenient Pick-up and Delivery Service.

We’ll take your car to the workshop for you and bring it back once it’s repaired.
  • Convenient.
    We organise everything. So you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Saves time.
    You stay independent whether you’re at work or not, and can use your valuable time for more important things.

  • On time.
    You decide the place and time of collection. Tell us what suits you.

    Tip: Book our Pick-up and Delivery Service right away when you arrange your service appointment.


We will collect your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle from your home or workplace at the agreed time and bring it back to you once the service is complete. If you wish, our service specialist can carry out a quick check on the vehicle and discuss the job and anything else you need when they collect it. Once the work is complete, we will bring your vehicle back to you at the agreed time.

Or: we will collect you from work, a business meeting or from home and take you to the service appointment or to collect your vehicle. Once everything’s complete, simply drive away.

We also offer a Replacement Vehicle Service so you stay mobile while your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle is in our workshop. We will bring the replacement vehicle with us when we collect yours and take it away again when we bring your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle back. So you don't have to worry about anything.

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