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Air Conditioning Service

Fresh air for a safer journey.

Poor air quality makes you feel tired and groggy. This can be dangerous when driving. However, you can prevent this by using our Air Conditioning Service for regular air conditioning maintenance. So the temperature stays right.

So You Can Continue Breathing Easily in Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.

For a good interior climate.
  • For your comfort.
    Clean air for a good climate inside the vehicle and better protection against irritated eyes and airways, especially in spring.
  • Safe.
    Better visibility because the windscreen does not fog up and better concentration thanks to fresh air.
  • Fast.
    With the Express Service without advance booking and waiting times.

Over the course of a vehicle’s operating life dust, grit, insects, pollen, etc. can impair the function of your air conditioning system or create unpleasant odours. We check the entire system: the water container, interior filter, evaporator, electronics, mechanical elements, coolant and more. The subsequent test drive verifies the results of the inspection.

The dust and pollen filter should be replaced annually. Ideally in spring or every 15,000 km. Spring is the best time to check the air conditioning system, when the vehicle is serviced after the rigours of winter. But naturally, you can visit your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner at any time to have your vehicle serviced.


No Time to Waste?

We also offer the Air Conditioning Check as Express Service! Without any advance booking. While you wait.

Our Tips for Your Air Conditioning System.

Our tips help you to prevent the air conditioning from breaking down or malfunctioning. So that you arrive at your destination without any unnecessary stress.

The air conditioning system not only provides cooling but also dehumidifies the air. This can prevent your windows from fogging up, especially during the cold seasons.  Moist air also creates a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms in the air filter and evaporator. A slightly moldy smell in the vehicle is an indication of this. Disinfecting the evaporator can help.

Important to know but unfortunately difficult to prevent: even the best air conditioning loses coolant over time. This gradual loss can be as much as 15% per year. As a consequence, the cooling performance decreases considerably. If the coolant level falls below a critical threshold then the air conditioning system shuts off completely.

The air conditioning system requires a lot of energy, especially in summer when it is constantly running at full power. There is why you should also have the battery checked alongside the Air Conditioning Check.

See for Yourself.