, 2020-05-20 14:22:52

Clever Repair®.

Simple, clever and cost-effective.

When you’re using your vehicle for work day in, day out, a little bit of damage is bound to happen. But whether it's a burn in the seat upholstery, a little dent in the roof or a small chip on your windscreen, we can offer you a smart alternative to a time-consuming complete repair. Our modern repair techniques are up to 80 % cheaper.

Clever repairs for minor damage.

Cost-effective and efficient.
  • Cheaper.
    The repairs you need rather than brand new parts.

  • Fast.
    Work is carried out directly on the vehicle without disassembling it.

  • High-quality workmanship.
    We use the latest technologies to retain your vehicle’s value.

Minor damage such as scratches and chips in your vehicle's paintwork or on plastic components can be repaired almost completely invisibly with our new repair paints. Our innovative paint system ensures that the colour matches the original as well as possible, creating an almost seamless transition between the new and original paintwork. Dents can be pressed back out quickly and cost-effectively.
We can often repair small stone chips in your windscreen without replacing the entire panel, and in many cases this is free of charge for customers with comprehensive insurance policies.

Clever repairs. Inside and out.

We can repair small burn holes in the seats, headlining and carpeting to get them looking as good as new. All of our current interior colours and fabric patterns can be reconstructed almost completely seamlessly. The same applies when it comes to repairing holes, burns, tears, cuts, abrasions and scratches in the leather. And in many cases we can repair interior trims, dash panels and consoles without replacing them.


A bigger dent in the bodywork?

Our Body and Paintwork Service can make even larger patches of damage look as good as new.

Our services for you.