, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

Glass Repair Service.

Instead of new windows: windows that are as good as new.

If you get a chip in one of your windows, it doesn't necessarily mean that you’ll need a whole new panel. So the first thing we do is check if we we can repair the chip without replacing the glass. So you save time and money. If your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle needs to be repaired, we will have it back on the road within an hour. And what’s more, this service will normally be free of charge if you have comprehensive insurance. Even if you don't, your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner will still be able to offer you a great value price.

Fast and cost-effective service to get your window back to its best.

Repairs are normally free. And completed within an hour.
  • Saves time and money.
    We will not necessarily need to replace the entire panel. Back on the road within an hour.
  • Normally free.
    If you have partially or fully comprehensive insurance, many insurers will pay the cost for you – with no excess.
  • Good as new.
    Looks like a brand new window and offers complete stability. Can also be used on tinted windows.

Tiny chip, big risk: the windscreen is one of the structural elements that gives the body of your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle its stability. Even small stone chips can cause big cracks. If one occurs while you are driving, you and your passengers could be put at serious risk. For example, the passenger airbag can only work correctly if it is supported by the windscreen as it unfolds.

With our services, you can drive safely.

If your vehicle sustains even minor glass damage, you should have it repaired by a specialist, your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Partner. The repair costs will normally be covered by your insurer – including the excess – if you have a comprehensive policy. If your insurer does not cover glass repairs, ask about our great value offers.

Our requirements for glass repairs:

  • The diameter of the impact site must be no larger than 5 mm.
  • The impact site must not be within the driver’s field of view.
  • Any cracks emanating from the impact site must be no longer than 50 mm and must not reach the edge of the panel.
  • The interlayer and/or inner panel must not be damaged.
  • Dirt and damp must not have penetrated too deeply.

Our services for you.