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Inspection Service.

Lasting Reliability for Your commercial vehicle.

Every vehicle requires a complete inspection after a certain mileage. This is basically a health check. The manufacturer recommends these regular inspections every 30,000 kilometres. Rely on your experienced Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner for these inspections. They inspect your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle professionally and comprehensively.


Maintains the Safety and Value of the Vehicle.

Trust the professionals with the inspection service.
  • Durability.
    Regular inspections guarantee your safety and mobility.
  • Value retention.
    Regular maintenance maintains the value of your vehicle over the long-term.
  • Complete service documentation.
    A strong argument for a good price when selling the vehicle.

The inspection examines the entire vehicle. Our services include all of the work necessary to ensure that your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle remains operational, safe and road-worthy. The costs depend on the vehicle’s age and mileage.

See the following list for all maintenance and repair work included in an inspection.

Our Inspection Includes the Following:

During the inspection carried in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations, your Service Partner performs a variety of standard maintenance work on your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. Depending on the model, age and operating conditions of your vehicle, additional work may also be necessary in order to prevent damage or breakdowns. This additional work during the inspection primarily consists of replacing wearing parts. Naturally, we carry out this work after consulting with you.

Electrical systemBattery:
  • Battery: Check
  • Lighting: Check
  • High-voltage components: Check
  • Signal horn: Check
  • Headlight calibration: Check
  • Service interval display: Reset
  • Swivel hub/tie rods: Check
  • Tyres: Check
  • Brake system: Check
  • Brake pads/discs: Check
  • Brake fluid level: Check
  • Convoluted rubber gaiters:  Check
  • Coupling rod and stabiliser amounts: Check
  • Air suspension: Check
  • Breakdown set: Check
  • Tyre pressure on all wheels: Check
  • Power steering: Check
  • Shock absorbers/coil springs: Check
  • Roof systems: Check
  • Front windscreen: Check
  • Body for corrosion: Check
  • Windscreen wiper blades: Check
  • Windscreen wiper system: Check
  • Door stops: Lubricate
  • Underbody: Check
  • Water outlets: Check
  • Test drive: Carry out
  • Exhaust system: Check
  • Gearbox and axle drive: Check
  • Gas system: Check
  • V-ribbed belt: Check
  • Cooling system: Check
  • Engine and components in the engine compartment: Check
  • Engine oil level: Check

  • Axle drive/differential: Change oil
  • Additive: Change/top up
  • Brake fluid: Change
  • Diesel fuel filter: Replace/drain
  • Diesel particulate filter: Check
  • Natural gas tank and lines: Replace
  • Gas system filter: Replace
  • Gearbox: Change oil/filter
  • Gearbox bearing: Replace
  • Air filter: Replace
  • Engine: Change oil/filter
  • Dust and pollen filter Replace
  • Spark plugs: Replace
  • Cam belt/tension pulley: Check/replace

Additional maintenance work beyond the scope of the standard services may also be necessary in some cases. The scope of the service work may change if technical components have been further enhanced for your model, for example. Your Service Partner will inform you in time!


So That Your Commercial Vehicle Remains Genuine.

With Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, you’ll return to the road after repairs or maintenance just as safe and comfortable as before.

Your Next Inspection? We Will Remind You in Time!

A sticker on the inside of the driver’s door or the service interval display on the speedometer reminds you of the next inspection date.
In addition, your service plan also indicates when the next service appointment for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle is due.


The Service Plan.

Your maintenance log and documentation for better value retention.

Maintenance in accordance with the schedule is essential to keep your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle running the way you want. That is why your Service Partner documents all of the standard and additional work carried out on your vehicle in a service plan. Your Service Partner also makes a note of the upcoming service events. This ensures that you always know when the next appointment is coming up.

By the way: the necessary maintenance work differs from model to model. So make sure to ask your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner about which work has to be done on your vehicle.

Your service plan contains:
  • The vehicle data of your model are adhered into the envelope of your service plan. Your Service Partner can use this data to ensure that the correct Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are used for your vehicle.
  • The service plan itself documents the initial registration or the delivery date along with the handover inspection and, thus, the beginning of the warranty for your vehicle.
  • All service-related work is precisely documented in the service plan.
Please also remember:
  • The service plan should be stored in the vehicle manual to ensure that it is always available when you need it.
  • The service plan must be given to the new owner of the vehicle is sold.
  • Vehicles as of model year 2018 will be equipped with a digital service plan.

Naturally, any Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner can also print out a paper copy for you.

Our Services for You.