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Vehicle Certification Service.

Convenient and Time-Saving.

Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle requires a regular vehicle inspection. For you, this involves a number of formalities, driving and waiting times before the new badge is finally attached to your number plate. Our Vehicle Certification Service spares you this work. Simply contact your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner to arrange the general inspection and let us handle the rest.

Let Us Handle the Paperwork.

Our Vehicle Certification Service. Convenient and Time-Saving.
  • Save time.
    No waiting, no paperwork, no long journeys.
  • Expert inspection.
    Carried out by an independent engineer from DEKRA, TÜV or a similar organisation.
  • Call-in service.
    We will carry out all of the necessary repairs upon request and after consultation with you.

The vehicle inspection is a statutory requirement. This means that it is also mandatory for you as a road user. However, this does not mean that you need to attend the inspection in person. Leave that up to our trained specialists.

Simply register your vehicle for the inspection and we handle the rest.

If the vehicle inspection reveals that work needs to be done on the vehicle, we can also take care of this immediately after consultation with you. This ensures that your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle has the shortest possible downtime and saves you the work involved with a potential follow-up inspection. We are also happy to check your vehicle free of charge before the general inspection.

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