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Service quality.

Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle in the best hands.

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Service offers an all-around comprehensive care. Our experts advise you from the beginning with your purchase of your vehicle and stay with you through the whole vehicle lifetime. Find out more about our quality repairs and specially trained service staff and our workshop tests.

The benefits at a glance.


Quality maintenance.

Just like your performance is put to the test every day, it is important to have your vehicle checked out on a regular basis as well. But not all maintenance is the same: for example, cost efficiency and value retention are particularly important for your newly acquired commercial vehicle. Wear and tear repairs and ensuring mobility come to the fore with an older model. We offer you the right services to maintain your vehicle’s value and performance in the long run.


Quality repairs.

If something actually has to be repaired on your vehicle, your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle is in good hands with us. With our innovative workshop equipment and special tools specific to our commercial vehicles, we carry out all services professionally and in accordance with Volkswagen guidelines.

Because we know that you cannot affort a long downtime of your vehicle. And for small damages, we repair your vehicle fast and cost-effective with Clever Repair®.


Workshop qualification.

We from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles guarantee that only specially trained staff works on your vehicle. Our mechanics are professionally trained and undertake regular training given by experts. They have superb knowledge of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles model range and current technologies and are assured in their handling of our special tools and diagnostic equipment.

The equipment of our workshops meet high service standards. You can be certain that all of our service partners have the right special tools specific to all Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle models as well as modern diagnostic equipment. On a regular basis, we bring prepped vehicles to our workshops. The service partners need to find and fix the installed defects. Right after the workshop test, we discuss the results with our service partners and if necessary, we define common goals. With our high standards, we ensure that every visit at one of our Volkswagen Vehicle Service Partners goes smoothly for you.

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