, 2020-05-20 14:22:52

Manufacturer’s warranty.

Quality you can count on.

Do you often find yourself on difficult terrain or in urban traffic? Everyday use or only on specific dates? Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle is by your site in almost every situation. To ensure that things stay that way, our comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty covers all material and workmanship defects, but does not cover wear.


Ensuring that your commercial vehicle is ready for anything.

We would like to help you enjoy your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle for longer: our new vehicle warranty covers all material and workmanship defects. Wear-related repairs are excluded from the warranty.

Whether you have questions or repairs. You can rely on our experts.

The specified service intervals must be conducted according to the manufacturer's specifications to enable you to benefit from the full warranty services for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. And the best way is to have the maintenance and service work always carried out by a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Service Partner. They will complete all tasks according to manufacturer specifications and note every service in your vehicle’s documents or in the manufacturer’s systems.


In the very best hands.

We offer comprehensive assistance. Experience our service quality for yourself!

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