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Wheels and Tyres.

Making sure your commercial vehicle always has excellent grip.

The tyres are what keep your commercial vehicle connected to the road. They affect your speed on curves and your braking distance. To ensure you have the right tyres for any time of year, have your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner change them for you, quickly and hassle-free. You can even store your tyres with them for next year if you need to.


Well-rounded. Our Tyre Service.

Competent support from purchase to fitting.
  • Competent advice.
    When it's time to choose a new tyre, trust in our specialists’ experience. They know your vehicle inside and out, and what to be aware of in terms of quality, safety and the kind of driving you’re doing.

  • Professional workmanship.
    Our workshop specialists fit new tyres quickly and professionally. And they have the latest tools to ensure that the wheels are always precisely balanced.

  • Convenient and time-saving.
    We also offer the tyre change as an Express Service. With no advance booking required and completed while you wait.


Does your vehicle need new wheels urgently, or do you need to get back on the road quickly after a burst tyre without spending a fortune? Our Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partners offer a wide range of tyres and professional advice tailored to your needs. They install new tyres quickly and ensure they are perfectly balanced to give you as smooth a drive as possible. And when you buy new tyres and wheels, we will dispose of the old ones free of charge.


Only got time for a pitstop?

Try our Express tyre change. With no advance booking. While you wait.

Wheel storage? Rely on the specialists.

More space in the cellar. Less stress for you.
  • Professional storage.
    We store your wheels professionally in a cool, dark and dry place.

  • Higher safety standards.
    If you wish, we can check the tread of the tyres and rebalance them for you.

  • Practical and comfortable.
    Your back will thank you – no more dragging heavy tyres around.

Tyre change season comes twice a year – but our Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Wheel Storage Service can take the stress out of it for you. We store your summer and winter tyres, saving you time and effort. We can also check the tread and rebalance them for you if needed. So you can be sure that everything is in perfect shape for the season ahead. And you’ll have more space in your cellar or garage.

Tips and information about your tyres.

Stay safe while saving money.

When you’re buying summer tyres, take note of the roll-resistance – tyres with optimised roll-resistance reduce fuel consumption, make your vehicle more environmentally-friendly and save you money. We’ll be happy to advise you as part of a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service.

Summer tyres with at least 3 mm of tread are safer, even in adverse conditions. Although you won’t be breaking the law unless you drop below 1.6 mm, if you drive with a lower tread in wet conditions the tyre does not deflect the water properly. Longer braking distances and loss of grip soon follow. In the worst case scenario, the tyres can lose contact with the road. For winter tyres and winter weather, we recommend a tread of 4 mm.

Even the best tyre is worth nothing if it's not kept at the right pressure. It’s best to check your tyre pressures when the tyre is cold if possible. Do you know the right tyre pressure for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle? It applies to both summer and winter tyres. The recommended pressures can be found in places such as the inside of the fuel flap.

Adapt your tyre pressure to the amount of people or load in your vehicle. For more detailed information, please see our “The Right Tyre Pressure” advice page.


The Right Tyre Pressure.

For lower consumption and better safety.

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