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Quality that moves you.

Safe, high-quality and tailored to your vehicle: with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, you’ll return to the road after a repair or maintenance just as safe and comfortable as before, and your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle will remain 100% original. Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are also a considerable factor in retaining the value of your vehicle.

The Volkswagen Parts range.

All the spare parts you need for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.

Whether you have a brand new vehicle, an older model or a classic, you’ll find all the information you need about our range of spare parts for every Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle model here.



The starter battery is the powerhouse of your vehicle and always has to be working at the top of its game. It not only delivers the power needed to start the engine, but also for most of the comfort and safety functions. Which is why we have developed a range of Genuine starter batteries tailored to give your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle the energy it needs.



The brakes are one of the most heavily used wearing parts on your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. But they are also one of the most important when it comes to keeping you safe. So make sure it’s fitted with Genuine brake pads and discs. Tailored to your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle and designed with your safety in mind.



Volkswagen Genuine windscreens do more than just protect you from bad weather. They are made from stable, high-quality safety glass to ensure that they provide you with optimum protection, a clear, glare-free view and maximum comfort. They make your vehicle sturdier and protect you from noise and harsh sunlight.


Light and Sight.

See clearly, drive better. Our Genuine wiper blades and bulbs ensure that you are well-equipped to face wet, foggy and dark conditions, and can recognise hazardous situations well before they happen.


Body and paintwork.

Modern automotive design isn’t just about aesthetics. Learn why Genuine body components are so crucial to your safety. And how you can make small patches of paintwork damage on your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle almost invisible.



Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s engine needs clean air, clean fuel, and particle-free oil to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. Our Genuine air and oil filters make sure it gets them. And our Genuine interior filter ensures that you, the driver, always have fresh air, too.


Exhaust systems.

The Genuine Parts in your exhaust system do many important jobs. They remove hazardous particles from your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, absorb noise and help to protect the environment.


Shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers are the invisible components that make your journeys safer and more comfortable. Whether on tight curves, in the countryside or when travelling with a heavy load, your shock absorbers balance out the jolts from bumps in the road, keep your wheels on the ground and make your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle more stable. Volkswagen Genuine shock absorbers are perfectly tailored to your vehicle and its chassis.

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