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Maximum performance for everyone’s safety.

Stop-and-go traffic in the rush hour, rain, heat, ascents and descents: brakes are one of the most heavily used wearing parts. But they are also one of the most important when it comes to your safety. So make sure that your vehicle is fitted with Volkswagen Genuine brake pads and discs. They are perfectly tailored to your commercial vehicle.

Volkswagen Genuine brake pads.

Brake with quality and safety.
  • Few downtimes.
    Volkswagen Genuine brake pads fit your vehicle perfectly and can be quickly installed. No more aligning or adjusting to fit. This saves time and money.

  • Outstanding comfort.
    You’ll drive more quietly, safely and environmentally-friendly with Volkswagen Genuine brake pads.

  • Exceptional thermal insulation.
    Volkswagen Genuine brake pads keep the at times very high temperatures away from the brake cylinders, preventing the brake system from failing.

  • Low wear.
    Volkswagen Genuine brake pads are capable of withstanding salt, brake fluid, fuel etc. without losing their renowned safe braking properties.

Volkswagen Genuine brake pads are quiet, smooth-running and do not produce any smoke or unpleasant burning smells when braking. With minimal wear, they also help to avoid unnecessary downtimes. The brake pads are specifically designed for the weight, maximum speed and braking system of your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. The material, weight and thickness of the pad surface therefore differs depending on the type of vehicle and engine design.

Tips and important information

The brake system is the No. 1 safety system on your vehicle and largely responsible for your safety on the road. It needs to function perfectly in order to respond quickly and safely in hazardous situations – particularly with commercial vehicles, which are generally exposed to higher loads than passenger cars. So make sure that your vehicle is fitted with Volkswagen Genuine brake pads. They are perfectly tailored to your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle and offer you a wealth of benefits.

Yes, when the brake pads are completely worn down, metal is “braking” on metal. The heat produced increases and deep furrows and cracks are produced on the brake pads, which significantly reduce the braking performance and also wear down the brake discs. Don’t let it get that far. Arrange in good time a cost-effective brake service from your professional Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner. And be sure to act if your general inspection reports that your brake pads need to be urgently replaced.

Anyone who is not professionally trained would be well advised to leave this work to a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner. After all, only professional replacement gives you the certainty that you do not pose a risk to yourself and other road users. Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner works quickly, cost-effectively and reliably. And, as he relies on using Volkswagen Genuine brake pads, you can be sure that you are on the safe side with your vehicle after the repair.

“T5 brake pads” product comparison test

In May 2015, the independent testing institute GFE tested Volkswagen Genuine brake pads against two competing products for the T5. The tests involved material and performance tests. Among other things, the braking distance (AMS test) was measured.
Tested product:
Brake pad, part number 7H0 698 151
from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Competitor products:
- TRW (part number GDB1556)
- ATE (part number 13.0460-7236.2)

Shortest braking distance in the AMS test.

The quality and wear resistance of a brake pad becomes evident especially in emergency situations when the vehicle has to come to a stop as quickly as possible. The renowned German trade magazine “auto motor und sport” established the AMS test in 1972 and it continues to be internationally recognised today. How is it carried out?

  1. Maximum acceleration of the vehicle to 100 km/h
  2. The vehicle is then braked hard with the engine disengaged
  3. As soon as the vehicle comes to a stop, it is accelerated again to 100 km/h (the process being repeated 10 times)

In the test, it is crucial that the braking distance time is as low as possible. In the AMS test performed by the GFE, the T5 with Genuine brake pads, came to a stop after 42.6 metes. By contrast, the T5s fitted with TRW and ATE brake pads had a braking distance of 48.8 and 47.2 metres respectively. This equates to a longer braking distance of almost or even more than an entire vehicle length.

Our conclusion.

For wear resistance, vehicle safety and driving comfort – always choose a Genuine part!

Your local Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner will be happy to advise you.

Volkswagen Genuine brake discs.

Maximum safety thanks to the best quality and absolutely precise fit.

Together with the brake pads, the brake disc has the task of generating braking torque, which is then transferred to the wheels and slows the vehicle down. Apart from the brake pads, the brake discs are the parts of the brake system exposed to the highest load. After all, the brake power is several times higher than the engine power during serious deceleration. The friction surfaces must be in perfect condition to provide optimum braking performance in every situation.

Therefore regularly check the brakes on your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle!


Volkswagen Genuine brake fluid.

In a class of its own for your safety.

Tips and important information

No, they only need to be replaced when the minimum thickness of the brake disc has been reached or exceeded, or if heat cracks longer than 30 mm have appeared. The brake discs also have to be replaced in the event of deep furrows and grooves, deformation or considerable dimensional variations. Both discs on an axle should always be replaced at the same time. We recommend using Volkswagen Genuine brake discs. They are specifically designed for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s brake system and electronic safety systems. What is more, a Genuine Service of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, such as the Inspection Service, includes a visual check of the brake pads to determine the degree of wear.  

You can use the following points to determine possible defects on your brake system to ensure that it does not let you down in extreme situations:

  • Vibrations (juddering) on the brake pedal
  • Permanent grinding noises or squealing
  • Quantifiable reduced braking effect on the braking test rig or loss of braking performance
  • “Pumping” when braking
  • Jittering caused by unevenness
  • Uneven braking
  • Brakes becoming hot during a journey

Please contact a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner should you identify one or more of these points on your commercial vehicle.

Vented brake discs provide a significantly larger surface, which helps with the exchange of heat. In certain situations very high temperatures can be caused by friction. On steep descents where the brakes are continuously used, temperatures of up to 700 °C can be produced, which could cause the brake discs to glow red. Vented brake discs, which boast internal cooling channels, are increasingly used for improved cooling, particularly on the front wheels.

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