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Optimum protection from dirt, pollutants and impurities.

Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s engine needs clean air and oil to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. Our Genuine air and oil filters make sure it gets them. And as the driver, you need fresh, clean air too. Our Genuine interior filters have got you covered.

Volkswagen Genuine interior filters.

Breathe easy.
  • Protection from pollutants.
    Volkswagen Genuine interior filters remove pollen, harmful spores, dust and soot particles so you have clean and healthy air to breathe.

  • A cleaner air conditioning system.
    Genuine interior filters better protect the air conditioning system from contamination.

  • A clear view.
    Changing the interior filter regularly can help to prevent your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s windows from misting up.

Volkswagen Genuine dust and pollen filters

Volkswagen Genuine dust and pollen filters (with or without an activated charcoal layer) reliably remove pollen, spores and dust from the air and help to protect your ventilation and air conditioning systems from contamination. Having clean interior filters can also help to prevent your windows from misting up, giving you a better view.

The dust and pollen filters are made up of two layers. The pre-filter filters out coarse dust and soot particles. The second layer removes fungal spores and pollen. In the dust and pollen filter with an activated charcoal layer, an additional activated charcoal microfilter layer helps to reduce odours and trap gaseous pollutants. It also converts almost all ozone molecules into oxygen.

Models that are not fitted with a dust and pollen filter with activated charcoal as standard can be retrofitted.

Volkswagen Genuine allergen filter

Our allergen filter removes the vast majority of the allergens, moulds and bacteria in the air and eliminates fine dust and harmful gases almost entirely. Giving you fresh, clean and allergen-free air for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. The Genuine allergen filter can be retrofitted by your Volkswagen Service Partner.

Did you know?

Replacing the dust and pollen filter regularly makes driving more comfortable, and also increases safety.
So have a specialist replace your filter regularly. We recommend doing so each spring or every 15,000 km.


Air-Conditioning System Service.

Unpleasant atmosphere in your vehicle? Have your air conditioning checked regularly by one of our service partners.

Volkswagen Genuine air filter.

Keeping your engine working at its best.
  • Protects the engine.
    The air filter removes dust particles, leaves and insects from the exterior air before they can reach the engine.

  • Reduces harmful emissions.
    Higher dust removal rates and precisely regulated intake air flow resistance ensure a clean burn and better engine performance.

  • Durability.
    Tailored pleat geometry and paper embossing muffle the suction noises produced by the air filter.


Just like the fuel you put into your vehicle, the air it draws in has to be clean, too. If dust particles, leaves and insects get in, they can damage the engine. And if they get as far as the combustion chamber, engine damage is a real possibility. The air filter is designed to keep impurities from the intake air away from the engine.

Volkswagen Genuine air filters are tailored to each individual engine type. This means that they can achieve a high filtration efficiency and ensure the flow resistance for the intake air is precisely regulated. Volkswagen Genuine air filters feature a tailored pleat geometry and special paper embossing. These muffle the suction noise generated by your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.

Did you know?

Over time, the air filter becomes clogged with the particles it is keeping away from the engine. If you were never to replace the air filter, the engine would eventually have no air to “breathe”.
This would then dramatically reduce its performance. So be sure to replace the filter at the recommended intervals.

Volkswagen Genuine oil filter.

Like greased lightning.
  • Protects the engine.
    The oil filter effectively removes dirt particles, soot and metallic residues from the engine oil.

  • Safeguards the oil supply.
    Special bypass valves ensure the supply is safeguarded in all operating conditions.

  • Highly effective, even when the engine is off.
    The low flow resistance ensures that as much dirt as possible is trapped. If the engine is off, non-return devices and valves prevent the oil filter from running empty.


Modern, high-performance engines demand a lot from their oil. Volkswagen Genuine oil filters are designed specifically for these kinds of engines, with fine filters to ensure that dirt particles, soot and metallic residues are removed effectively.

Volkswagen Genuine oil filters feature unusually low flow resistance, which enable them to trap larger amounts of dirt. Special non-return devices and valves prevent the oil filter from running empty when the engine is switched off. They also help the oil pressure to build up quickly when the engine is started. Special bypass valves ensure that the oil supply is always sufficient regardless of the conditions.

Did you know?

Just as with old engine oil, a clogged oil filter can lead to expensive engine damage and long periods of downtime for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.
So ensure you replace the filter at the recommended intervals. Your engine will thank you with better performance and a longer service life.


Volkswagen Genuine engine Oil.

Only the best for your Commercial Vehicle.

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