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Light and Sight.

A clear view and perfectly illuminated roads.

See clearly, drive better. Which is why it is essential to make sure that your lighting system is working well and is configured correctly. Your windscreen should also be clean and smear-free. Our Genuine wiper blades and bulbs help to ensure that you are always well-equipped to face wet, foggy and dark conditions, and can recognise hazardous situations as early as possible.

Volkswagen Genuine bulbs.

A clear view outside and in.

Bulb set

Light bulbs always seem to fail right when you need them. So it’s a good idea to keep replacements to hand. We offer two Volkswagen Genuine bulb sets for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, so you’re always prepared if one goes out. Depending on the set you choose, these contain high-quality H4 or H7 long life dipped beam bulbs, other bulbs for your indicators, parking light and brake light, and the most important fuses.

You can buy Volkswagen Genuine bulb sets, as well as individual bulbs and fuses, from your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner.

Tips and important information

Tail lights and headlights can be replaced quickly, provided no other components are damaged. Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner will have the most common ones in stock, or will be able to order them in for you. And of course, they will all meet the Volkswagen Genuine Parts® quality standards!

This should be left to your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner. If your headlights are configured incorrectly, your field of view could be extremely restricted in twilight or in the dark, or you could dazzle oncoming road users. Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner will check all of your lights and adjust them if needed. They will also be able to check that the other lighting systems in your vehicle are working correctly.

A Volkswagen Genuine daytime running light can be retrofitted on most Volkswagen models. It enables other road users to see you more clearly and earlier, and so helps to avoid accidents. Simply ask your local Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Partner about the retrofitting options for your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.

We offer attractive lighting accessories for many Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles models. For example, you can enhance the look of your Transporter with tinted tail lights. Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner will be happy to help.


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Volkswagen Genuine Wiper Blades

Clean windows give you a clear view and improve safety.
  • High reliability.
    We test our wiper blades under extreme conditions in a wind tunnel to ensure that every one works reliably, even at high speeds.
  • A better view.
    On vehicles with curved windscreens, it is crucial to ensure that the wiper blades are both the right length and fixed on a mount that is sturdy while not being rigid. Which is why our wiper blades are extremely flexible.
  • Good performance.
    The innovative protective coating on the rubber part of the blade provides better protection against environmental factors, an improved friction coefficient and less noise



For people who drive in all types of weather, having a clear view is extremely important. So play it safe. Volkswagen Genuine aero wiper blades and Volkswagen Genuine standard wiper blades make driving safer and more comfortable in almost all weather conditions.

Tips and important information

If your wiper blades are beginning to leave streaks or smears behind, it’s time to replace them. We recommend Volkswagen aero wiper blades as their precision spring strips are designed specifically for the curves and dimensions of Volkswagen Genuine windscreens. And as they are made from high-quality materials, feature a special smooth coating and are designed to be winter-proof, they wear 30 % slower than standard wiper blades.

It is also important to note that rear windscreen wipers wear at just the same rate as the front blades, so they should always be replaced together.

Wiper blades are crucial safety components as they ensure that you can see clearly in rain, snow and hail. Wiper blades have a tough job. They have to withstand sunlight and dust, insects and chemicals, frost and ice. Over time, the material can become brittle and the fine rubber lips will gradually start to disintegrate.

Yes, drivers of Volkswagen Transporters from 2008 onwards can take advantage of the benefits of our aero blades with the aero upgrade set. This practical and cost-effective retrofitting option is available from your local Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner, who will also be happy to install it for you. Book an appointment now.


Did you know...

...that you can clean your wiper blades yourself?

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