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Multivan PanAmericana

The Transporter Rockton. Consistently optimised for tough, off-road conditions.

The Transporter Rockton has been designed for driving on unsurfaced roads or tracks where demands on the vehicle are especially high. The standard equipment comprising, among other things, the 4MOTION all-wheel drive, a mechanical differential lock on the rear axle, and running gear with a 30 mm higher ride height, enable both passengers and equipment to reach even remote locations. In addition, the off-road capability can be further optimised with the optional engine underride guard or the optional “Protection” package. And for the greatest possible flexibility in the passenger compartment, the Transporter Rockton is available upon request with robust floor rails. This allows the sliding single seats and optional partition grille to be anchored at any desired position.

Illustration shows sliding single seats (left) and sliding partition grille (right)

Floor rails for greater flexibility.

Sliding single seats.
The optional floor rails facilitate the integration of up to three sliding single seats in the passenger compartment, in addition to the two standard single seats in the first seating row. The sliding single seats are upholstered in hard-wearing, robust cloth and are equipped with 3-point seat belts. If required, they can be removed or moved continuously along the floor rails.

Sliding partition grille.
In combination with the optional floor rails, a sliding partition grille is available upon request. This can be moved continuously along the floor rails from the B pillar to the D pillar.


Additional optimisations.

“Protection” package.
The optional package provides a high level of protection in extreme driving situations. It includes an underride guard for the engine and gearbox, as well as protectors for the rear axle differential, the main silencer, the side sills, and the fuel tank.

Engine underride guard.
An optional, robust aluminium structure reliably protects the engine and gearbox on uneven roads and terrain.


  • 4MOTION all-wheel drive
  • Mechanical differential lock on the rear axle
  • 30 mm increase in vehicle ride height


  • Short wheelbase
  • Steel spare wheel with a standard-sized tyre
  • Closed side panel with Rockton lettering on the left and right at the rear


  • Hard-wearing seat upholstery in “Mesh” leatherette
  • Lashing eyes for load securing
  • “Plus” multifunction display


  • Permissible gross weight of 3.2 t

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